Top Skiing Destinations in the US

Snow doesn’t have to give you the chills! There are plenty of cold-weather activities that can give you an icy thrill. Whether your forte is skiing or snowboarding, riding the slopes can be a thrilling adventure, complete with beautiful wintery mountainous scenery. Many of the top skiing destinations in the United States reside in the western half of the country where in some places the winters are much milder.

Here is our list for the top skiing destinations in the U.S.

  1. Lake Tahoe. Part of the appeal of Lake Tahoe, CA is that it is beautiful at any vantage point during any time of the year. But in the wintertime, Lake Tahoe is quite a spectacle, since its views are even more stunning from the slopes with snowflakes glistening. There are several different levels of slopes. Part of the appeal is it does not get unbearably cold. Stay in Lake Tahoe or in nearby Reno, NV.

  2. Big Bear. Similar to Lake Tahoe, Big Bear is a mountainous region in California that is centered on a lake, except this one is in Southern California and does not get unbearably cold either. Quite a popular destination for Southern California residents, Big Bear has two great options to choose from when it comes to skiing or snowboarding.

  3. Jackson Hole. While it certainly gets colder than the first two places mentioned, Jackson Hole, WY is a western mecca for all of the avid skiers and snowboarders out there with downhill slopes being at a premium difficulty. It also has trails for the beginners and intermediates, but its expert slopes with high peaks are of great appeal.

  4. Park City. You can’t make a top skiing destinations list without including the site for the 2002 Winter Games. Still set up in the slopes of Park City, UT is the giant ski jumps that are reserved only for the professionals now. You’ll find some of the best slopes in the country in Park City, coupled with a quaint, mountainous village unlike any other.

  5. Vail. This Colorado skiing destination is diverse in the sense that there are many different options for different kinds of skiers. There are abundant trails and mountain ranges for all types of riders, including those of the cross-country variety. This is a very popular destination for avid snowboarders and skiers.

  6. Telluride. This Colorado town is a classic ski destination that attracts all walks of life. Telluride has over 1,700 acres of skiable grounds. The small town has a free gondola that you can take to the base of the ski area.

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