Pet-Friendly Activities in California

Taking your next trip doesn’t mean you have to leave man’s best friend at home. Many vacation rentals and top vacation destinations are the perfect fit for Fido, including the stunning coastal state of California.

California is a very pet-friendly state with many activities that people can do with their dogs. Part of it is due to the climate, while some of it is also due to the fact that so many people spend so much time outdoors. A lot of the reason involves California’s pet-centered culture, with people wanting to incorporate their fun activities like going to the beach with their pets.

Places like San Diego are home to beaches that are dog beaches. In fact, San Diego has the original dog beach in an area called Point Loma and Ocean Beach at the mouth of the San Diego River. This is an atmosphere for great fun for dog lovers and is a sanctuary for all breeds of dogs to bond, run leash-free, dig and play in the sand and swim in the waves.

Test your pet’s “hang ten” abilities at one of the many surf dog competitions in Southern California. Using their own surfboards, your dog can catch waves with the best of them, and even win a medal for best dog surfer in the area.

If surfing doesn’t seem like the right fit for your dog, you can also try stand-up paddle boarding with your pooch. Stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing) provides a great workout for both you, and your dog, and easier to start as a beginner.

Many restaurants and cafes in California are pet-friendly, and even offer a special treat for your pet. Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee at a sidewalk café, or a great burger for lunch, all with your pet by your side.

Some vacation rentals at ResorTime are pet-friendly facilities, and even offer special amenities for your pets throughout their stay. To find a pet-friendly vacation rental for your next trip, call us at (877) 477-7368.



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