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What is ResorTime?
ResorTime is one of the largest and most established rental reservation services in the timeshare industry, allowing members and the public to book their reservation online.

ResorTime is unique in that you do not need a membership in order to book a reservation; however, members enjoy special benefits such as weekly hot deal updates, notifications about new properties.

Will I have to take a tour or listen to a presentation if I stay at a timeshare resort?
No way! With ResorTime, there is no obligation to listen to a sales pitch, take a tour, or sign up for anything you don’t want. Your luxury resort condo rental can be used like any other vacation accommodation without a high-pressured sales pitch or required timeshare tour.

<Are these timeshare vacation rentals?
Yes, a majority of our properties are timeshare vacation rentals. We have added hotels in high-demand areas as well.

How is the ResorTime reservation system different than other timeshare rental sites?
Rest-easy when you book with ResorTime. We are a travel business with more than 10 years of experience. We have strong relationships with each of the resorts and a rigorous system of quality checks to ensure information about each resort is accurate and meets our highest standards.

Do I have to be a timeshare owner to get great rates on these timeshare rentals?
The beauty of ResorTime is that we are open to the public! Anyone can use ResorTime to book a reservation at a great rate without being an owner, using our free memberships.  If you are an owner, please sign in to view your full benefits, including exclusive owner only rates.

How does ResorTime select the resorts they represent?
We have a very strict vetting process for selecting resorts. These resorts are more than just properties; they are a part of the ResorTime affiliation program, and must meet the stringent ResorTime guest satisfaction requirements. We only promote properties we are familiar with to make sure our customers enjoy a great time during their stay. We also maintain great relationships with our resorts, which allows us to negotiate the lowest possible rates for our guests.

How does ResorTime rate their resorts?
We use a star-rating system, which is compiled through a detailed timeshare resort and hotel rating system. The star-rating system evaluates hospitality, resort amenities and condo amenities. We also include input from guest comments, customer care representatives, and management inspections.

I am a timeshare owner. Do I have to request the same unit type and season that I own at my home resort?
You can request any time or unit type you like, based on the availability of the units. You can also add days to your exchange week, or even use ResorTime to book additional vacations or getaways. With our spacious, home-like accommodations, ResorTime is a great way to vacation with family or friends, since owners are able to bring as many guests as they would like, as long as it is under the unit’s maximum occupancy. Call us at (877) 477-7368 to learn more about how to maximize your membership.

Do I have to stay a minimum amount of time at ResorTime resorts?
Thanks to our great affiliation program, our guests can enjoy flexibility in the amount of time they stay at our vacation rentals – whether it’s a day or a week. Very few of our properties require a minimum stay.

What if the resort I want shows no availability?
We have a vast range of resorts available. At any given time, we have approximately 20,000 condo nights available. While a specific resort may be sold out for a given date, they may have additional rooms available the following night or last minute cancelations. If you see that a resort you are interested in is sold out, call a ResorTime concierge at (877) 477-7368 and let us do the searching for you.

I am a timeshare owner. How can I get my resort affiliated with ResorTime?
We would love to talk with you! Please contact us at (888)466-5055 to get started on the affiliation process.

Can other members of my family use my ResorTime Owners only rates?
Your ResorTime owner benefit restricts only you to reserve luxury condos; however, your family and friends are certainly invited to accompany you as long as the total number in your party meets the maximum unit occupancy guidelines.



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