Top Pet Festivals

Your pet is truly man’s (and woman’s!) best friend. For all of the love your pet gives you, why not return the favor and treat your pet with a trip to one of the top pet festivals in the U.S.?

There are dozens of pet festivals across the country in beautiful locations that are sure to give both you and your pet something to wag your tails about.

  • One of the most entertaining pet festivals in Southern California is the Del Mar Surf Dog competition, which is a fundraiser for orphaned pets in the San Diego area. This is certainly a unique event that is a different kind of “Best in Show.” The event is exactly what it sounds like – dogs surfing! If you are familiar with the sport of surfing, you know it takes some time to build up the talent to stand on a board in the waves. For dogs, it seems to come a bit more naturally. It must be their four legs! Dogs are judged on their ability to stay on the board and ride the wave. Dogs can either compete on their own or with their pet parents. Costumes are encouraged! The competition runs in September.
  • In the south, one of the best annual pet festivals is the Dog Day Festival in Nashville, which raises money for the Humane Association. Each year, the event attracts 7,500 people and their pups to Centennial Park. This event is all about catering to and pampering your pooch. Divided up into several sections, you can do everything from doggie arts and crafts, pet portraits, adopt a dog, receive training and clinics, and enter canine contests such as “waggiest tail” and “best bark.” This event is typically in September.
  • Heading up to the Pacific Northwest, another fun pet festival is the Muttzanita Festival in Manzanita, Oregon. The event raises money for an animal charity – the United Paws, which elevates awareness on spaying, neutering and adopting pets. If you take your pet to Muttzanita, you better be prepared on spoiling them! Muttzanita is a spa for pets, where they can get massages and “pawdicures” and enter pet fashion and talent shows and play musical chairs and fetch.  This event is held annually in September.
  • One of the most jaw-dropping pet competitions is the Ultimate Air Dogs series, where you realize that dogs can fly. One of the events takes place in Long Beach, California, in March. This is similar to a canine version of track and field, where dogs compete in distance jumping and high jumping. An object is thrown over a pool of water and dogs run after the object and catch it. Some dogs can jump over 25 feet in length and over five feet in height.

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