Increase Your R&R in the Red Rocks with Top Sedona Spas

With Sedona’s glorious scenery, it is a desert oasis for tourists who seek nature’s beauty and wonder. The area known as “Red Rock Country,” features some of the most spectacular postcard backdrops of limestone formations in the Southwest.

It is a place where people flock to, not just for the awesome views, but also for outdoor adventures, and on the flipside, extreme relaxation. Sedona is a popular spiritual destination where people engage in such activities as meditation, energy healing, holistic health and spiritual awakening. The ambiance of Sedona certainly makes it a suitable site for such relaxing undertakings.

Also in the category of relaxation is Sedona’s wide range of spa destinations for relaxation, rejuvenation, health and massage. Here are a few notable spas in Sedona to increase your rest and relaxation.

  • Los Abrigados Resort and Spais a gorgeous resort based in Oak Creek, in the northern part of town. The spa itself is a world class retreat that has an extensive menu of offerings. Experience full pampering with massage therapy with deep tissue, sports, table shiatsu, maternity or rejuvenating aromatherapy massage offerings. The spa also features holistic health professionals for specialized bodywork such as a Belavi facelift massage, cranio-sacral therapy, the Feldenkrais method, hot stone therapy, Reiki, foot reflexology, lymphatic movement therapy and ortho-bionomy,  all of which are focused on reducing stress in your body and improving well-being. The spa also offers nail care, full body skin treatments, facial skin care as well as Pilates, yoga, tennis, golf and spa packages.
  • Uptown Massage is another rest and relaxation and pampering destination in Sedona that features a variety of options, set right in the foothills of some of Sedona’s signature Red Rock formations. Each session at Uptown Massage is customizable to be exactly how you want your treatment to be, and is not limited to just massages. Get stress-releasing massages or any other type of massage tailored to fit your needs. Each month Uptown Massage features a new special. Do a couples outing and get such treatments like hot stone massage and foot reflexology, raspberry truffle facial or a chocolate massage.
  • Stillpoint Living is a unique spa offering that is very authentic to Sedona, set in a secluded spot amongst the desert trees. Modality and body and mind healing are the themes at Stillpoint Living. Of course, several different kinds of massages are available. Stillpoint was voted Best Sedona Massage Therapists five years in a row. But Stillpoint’s focus is on techniques for enhanced meditation and spiritual skills to help self-healing, soul awareness, psychic perception and old programming elimination.

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