Your Guide to Skiing Big Bear Lake

When most outsiders think of Southern California they think of sunshine, beaches and warm weather. All of those assumptions are certainly true, but what people don’t realize is that Southern California is also a great destination for skiing and snowboarding in the mountains in the wintertime.

The town itself only has a population of about 5,000 people, but on weekends, it surges to over 100,000 people. Big Bear Lake is one of the best spots in Southern California for a snow trip, nestled in the mountains of San Bernardino about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. Of course, since it still is warmer than most ski destinations and precipitation has been very low recently, much of the snow in Big Bear is man-made. However, the snow is still in great condition and perfect for riding, or as SoCal residents put it, “shredding.”

Big Bear is certainly known as a snow resort, but it is a popular attraction year-round due to its nightlife and many outdoor adventures. Check out our guide to the top sties in Big Bear Lake.

  • One of the main snow resorts in Big Bear is Snow Summit, which has one of the larger ski areas – 240 acres – in Southern California. The family-oriented resort features trails of all difficulty levels, ranging from beginner to intermediate to difficult to expert. There are 31 total runs, with the longest run being a mile and a quarter at Westridge. A unique aspect of Snow Summit is that there is an option for night riding. So if you don’t feel like calling it a day once the sun goes down, keep shredding it till the lights go out.
  • Bear Mountain is the other very large snow resort in Big Bear, which is about three times the acreage of Snow Summit. This resort is known for being the snowboard-centric mountain, saturated with trick options like rails and jibs. So if you feel like you want to put on a show or get the impression that Shaun White isn’t that much better than you, this is the place to test your mettle in the trick department. The Geronimo run is perhaps the most well known run, and also the longest at a mile and a half.
  • If you’re not snowboarding or skiing, Big Bear has a lively nightlife that gets even livelier around the holidays. The village itself is a charming area filled with bars, movie theaters and restaurants. A popular year-round activity in Big Bear is biking, either around the lake or down the mountain. Note: The grizzly bears, for which the town was named after, aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, so have no fear!

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