Your Guide to Daytona Beach

Since the 1920’s, Daytona Beach has been dubbed “The World’s Most Famous Beach.” One of the best activities to enjoy in Daytona Beach is, of course, the beach!  Their world-class beach attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

Daytona Beach is a popular destination for all walks of life along the Atlantic Coast, but perhaps is best known as a family vacation destination featuring activities local to the region.

There is also a variety of activities to choose from, including our top Daytona Beach activities below.

  • Without a doubt, the biggest yearly attraction to Daytona Beach is the Daytona 500, which is the most prestigious motor race in NASCAR, held at the Daytona International Speedway every February since 1959. The race kicks off the NASCAR season every year and it does it on a grand scale, with an attendance of 168,000 fans each year. The speedway is the third-largest lit outdoor facility in the world. For race fans, there is no bigger attraction than the Daytona 500. Auto racing has long been a tradition of Daytona Beach. Before the Daytona 500 was started, some of the world’s best drivers used to congregate to nearby Ormond Beach in Daytona to try and set the land speed record in an annual event.
  • Sticking with the motorsports theme, Daytona Beach is also home to Daytona Bike Week, which attracts 500,000 people a year over a 10-day period. Just like the Daytona 500, Bike Week features racing, except this is of the motorcycle variety. If you are in town for the Daytona 500, stick around until the first week of March for Bike Week. Some of the festivities include a rally, concerts, parties and festivals.
  • Daytona Beach is also a very popular destination for college students to go for Spring Break each year. Many students like to go south to Miami, except Daytona Beach gives you a much smaller-town feel and is also quite a bit more affordable. The temperatures in March and April are some of the best in the country, with daytime temperatures averaging 80 degrees during the day. There are several beachfront bars, dance clubs, sports bars and even a comedy club that complete the night life experience not only for spring break, but year-round.
  • Another destination for Daytona Beach is the Jackie Robinson Ballpark and Museum. The significance of this stadium is that this is where Jackie Robinson became the first African-American to play in a Major League Baseball game, breaking the color barrier in an exhibition game in 1946. The stadium is now home to a minor league team, the Daytona Cubs.

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