The Great Outdoors of Oregon

When you set foot in the great outdoors of Oregon, you experience true natural beauty. In Oregon, you would be hard-pressed to find a local or a tourist who doesn’t find the nature in the state to be truly impressive. In the Pacific Northwest, you encounter green mountains, the Pacific Ocean, great lakes, waterfalls and rivers to explore in a completely natural, serene setting.

With so many stunning natural sites to choose from, check out our top 5 must-see sites in Oregon.

  • Crater Lake National Park is an absolute must-see in the southern half of Oregon. What the National Park Service describes as “like no place else on earth,” Crater Lake is truly one of a kind, featuring a deep, blue pure lake, surrounded by 2,000-feet tall cliffs. In addition, Crater Lake has a history of volcanoes. This is a place with immense year-round beauty. If you go in the winter time, bring your snowshoes for a hike.
  • Multnomah Falls rests about 30 miles east of Portland and is another spectacular must-see in Oregon. It is one of the largest waterfalls in the state, at 611-feet tall. Multnomah Falls is a memorable site that captures some of the region’s natural beauty and rainforest feel that doesn’t dry up in the summer, unlike many waterfalls in the west.
  • Cape Perpetua State Park in Yachats has cliffs that feature some of the most majestic views of the Pacific Ocean from upwards of 600 feet high. This area is known as the place where the forest meets the sea in a spot where you can get the best of both worlds. This is one of the best spots in the country to witness a coastal forest.
  • Mount Hood is Oregon’s highest mountain, and one of the most prominent mountains in the entire country, located about 50 miles southeast of Portland. It is about 11,250 feet tall and has snow on its peak year-round. One of the most photographed spots in all of the Pacific Northwest is the reflection of the mountain in Mirror Lake. There are a few great hiking trails at Mount Hood.
  • In addition to Mount Hood, another mountainous destination in Oregon is Mt. Bachelor, west of Bend, which is a popular area to ski or snowboard during the winter.

Oregon is considered one of the most naturally beautiful states in the entire country. Of course, ResorTime has countless locations throughout out Pacific Northwest to choose from! Call us today at (877) 477-7368 or explore more online to book your next Oregon vacation rental.



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