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Four times a year, ResorTime shares inspirational stories from our guests about the causes that matter to you. Each story is truly inspiring. However, only one (with your support) will rise to the top to receive a $2,500 check from ResorTime.

Make the world a better place by voting and sharing today. This quarter of giving ends September 30, 2017.

Kids Cooking For Life
Kids Cooking For Life teaches nutrition and inspires lifelong healthy cooking and eating habits through hands-on cooking classes to students from low income communities. We believe that instilling an understanding of proper diet and nutrition is a way to help combat the childhood obesity epidemic and the early onset of type 2 diabetes, among other diseases.
Ray of Sunshine
Ray of Sunshine Equestrian Therapy facilitates meetings with healing horses, in a safe environment full of nature, open sky and fresh air. This is a place where patients, family members, friends and caregivers effected by cancer can just breathe. Be in the now. Forget cancer exists, even if just for a moment.
Friends of La Posada
"I was a stranger and you welcomed me" personifies Friends of La Posada, a non-profit group dedicated to supporting La Posada Men's Shelter, which provides housing, meals, and a host of services to homeless men and local farmworkers who might otherwise be living on the streets or in the fields.

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